What happens in White Cotton Studio?

Personal Medical Record Organizing

This can be a tough endeavor.  If you've battled an ongoing illness or served in a caregiver roll, you know how quickly the haze of appointments, medicine tracking, encounter forms, insurance, etc. creates mountains of paper.  In the busyness of this season it's critical to create a system of quickly discerning what's necessary, what's not & how to access what you need when you need it.  With patient portals available through most practices, it's never been easier to successfully advocate for ourselves & loved ones.  However, we have to be able to get our hands on what we need when we need it!

Office Organizing

Everyone works out of an office.  It doesn't matter is it's a corporate office, small business office, home office or the desk you pay your personal bills from.  Regardless of what type of office(s) you work from, there is one consistent never-ending battle...PAPER!  Even in our digital online world we still need to tame the paper chaos.  Together we'll identify the best office style for you, get it organized & build a system that works for you not against you.

Photo Scanning 

Beginning March 1st, 2016, I will be providing photo scanning services!  I'll scan your printed photos, digitize,

organize & save them to a CD or flash drive.   This also provides a back-up to protect your most precious older photos.

More info to follow but contact me to set and appointment to get started! 

 Bringing order to life & work - one project at a time

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Photo Organizing

​Are you drowning in photos?  Do you dread looking for a picture because you have to sift through hundreds or thousands for the right one? Whether it's digital or hard copy chaos, it CAN be conquered!  Whether you're style of organization is scrapbooks, digital files or archival safe boxes, together we'll identify & execute the best organizing system & photo storage for you!

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Home Organizing

​Do you start on a project only to realize two hours later you're bogged down, objective lost & now paralyzed by the bigger mess?  Me too...but I've learned how to move through those barriers, stay focused & accomplish the organizing goal!  It feels SO good to sit back & take in the view of your uncluttered & organized space!