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Where to begin?  For many of us, our photos & the memorabilia that accompany them feel like an overwhelming mountain where even the first step is elusive.  Not only do we have to navigate the sheer volume of physical material, but the emotional impact as well.  Even photos that are not great "shots" take us back to events long past that still generate a profound series of emotions.  Though we desire to get our pictures in order "once & for all" & we tackle this mountain, sorting photos is different from a typical home/closet/shed clean out.  Photos tell the journey of our lives & the lives of the people we come from.  No wonder we want to linger, reminisce & strain to see every detail captured before we choose to...

1)  Keep it

2) Throw it away

That's the first step.  Not every photo is worth keeping, but not every bad photo needs to be thrown out.

If it's a "keeper", that's where it all becomes more complicated.  But...with a plan, we can make the process smoother.  Here are some questions to ask yourself...

1) "Do I want to display it?" If so, act on it & give it a home.

2) "Do I like it enough to put in my albums?" (if that's your goal).  If so, put it in your "system" so that will happen.

3) "I don't love it, but I can't throw it away."  No worries, store it along with it's friends in photo safe archival boxes.  

Digital Photos

They're everywhere.  Rounding up digital photos is like herding cats.  There are no real boundaries & between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., you know that someone somewhere at some event is taking a picture you might want!  Hence the need for a good photo organizing system.  There are SO many to choose from.  Personally, since I'm a mac user, I go with Photos.  No, it's not perfect.  But frankly, I can generally find what I'm looking for & that makes me happy enough to not look for something else.

Photo Protection

Regardless if your photos are printed or digital, the rule of thumb is 3 back-up sources.  There is no one fail-safe method of storing & protecting your photos.  Every system can work & every system has the potential to fail!  That's why it's critical to back your photos up.  Here's a list of the most common back up options...

Cloud Storage

Print Photos

Digitize Printed Photos

Negative Storage

Desktop File Storage

DVD Back-ups

External Hard Drive


As long as your photos are safe, there's no right or wrong way to store them.  The way that's best, is the way you want to access your photos.  Whether it's print photo albums, digital access, photo boxes, somewhere in between or a little of it all, that's up to you.  My pricing is structured by time & materials.  If you already have tons of supplies, I work hard to be a good steward of the expense you've already incurred & attempt to use your supplies first.  I maintain an inventory of material to pull from when necessary.  I think it's wise to set your budget for your project & we work to that.  It's important to check in frequently for me to receive your feedback & make sure we're on track to meet your goals.

Our first half hour of consulting is complimentary & can be done by phone or in person. 

Standard Consulting Fee - $35/hour  

This would include any time not creating an album with printed photos.

Creating Printed Photo Albums - $25.00/hour plus supplies

​​Photo Organizing