What is Photo Scanning?

Photo scanning is the process of turning a printed photo into a digital image.  Digitizing printed photos is a way to save & protect your older photos.  Additionally, it creates the opportunity to integrate your "old" photos into your digital organization system.  

When you take a digital picture, regardless if it's on your phone, iPad, camera, etc., it creates metadata to identify that photo.  Essentially, metadata is "data about data".  So when you store your photos in Google Photos, mac Photos, Mylio or any other system, it will organize them chronologically from the magic of metadata catching the date..  Scanning print photos does not automatically do that.  To integrate scanned photos into your digital organizing system in an orderly way requires time to build metadata into each photo.  The more data you build, the better history your create.  However, the most important pieces of info are when, where, who.  If you don't want your old photos mixed with you current, they're easily stored as files on your desktop &/or Cloud backup.  Another benefit to digitizing is that it creates an image you can repair or enhance.

How do you scan photos? 

If you've ever scanned a picture on your home copy/printer/scanner, that's pretty much the process. Anyone can do it.  The down-side, it takes about 90 seconds to scan.  Sometimes you can get maybe 4 pics at a time.  It's effective, but not reasonable if you have a lot of photos.  The tool I use is a Kodak PS50 professional scanner.  It looks like a small printer & can scan much faster than standing over the copier.  

Our first half hour of consulting is complimentary & can be done by phone or in person. This provides enough time to develop a general idea of your project.  

Standard Consulting Fee - $35/hour 
Photo Scanning Fee Structure... 

Number of Photos per batch     Up to 500+     Up to 1500+     Up to 5000+
Price per batch with no file   

organization (saved to flash

drive/CD/cloud service)             .35 each           .30 each          .25 each

Price per batch with file

organization saved to

flash drive/CD/cloud,etc.*           .45 each           .40 each         .40 each

*depending on the complexity of organizing style/system additional charges

may apply
*photos must be between 2X3 to 8X10

Document Scanning - .50/document
Metadata, digital file organizing & other tailored services are priced depending on detail.

Photo Scanning

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